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Reliable Glass and Glazing Specialists in Lincolnshire

At Acorn Glass and Glazing we provide a full 24-hour glass and glazing service that is second to none in and around Lincolnshire. With many years of experience behind us in the industry, we know how important it is to do the job right – first time!

Our technicians are fully qualified. We are Trading Standards approved AND Trustmark registered

No job is too small, because whatever it is, it's important to you. Whether you are a domestic or a commercial customer,

we can supply and fit both single, double and triple glazing as well as safety glass all at affordable prices.

Remember! All quotes are FREE, there is NO call-out charge and we are a genuine LOCAL business. We supply and fit PVC doors, windows, door panels and undertake emergency glazing services across Lincolnshire. Contact us today for a free quote

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Comprehensive Glass and Glazing Services in Lincolnshire

There are many issues to consider with glass installation and repair including safety and security. This Critical Glazing diagram shows doors, adjacent side panels, low level glazing and windows, which are defined under Building Regulations as critical areas, and where safety glazing must be used. These regulations apply to single, double and the new triple glazing, both in the home and in commercial property.

Safety glazing is achieved by using either a toughened or laminated glass. All standard clear and obscure glass can be toughened but this currently takes a few weeks to manufacture. Both clear and obscure laminated glass doesn’t need to be processed and, once cut to size,

can be fitted straight away. Laminated glass has traditionally been used in shops glazing, but it's now quite acceptable to use in the home.

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Toughened Safety Glass

We have all seen the aftermath of a damaged bus shelter with little bits of ‘sugar’ everywhere. This is toughened glass in action. Without going all technical, the glass is processed using both a heating and cooling process. This gives the glass its strength making it much stronger on its surface. In a double-glazing application, unless you have been very unlucky, you will have a second piece of glass to maintain security. But in single glazed applications, particularly on doors and low-level windows, laminated glass might be a better option. See below.


This Critical Glazing diagram shows you those areas that toughened glass (safety glazing) must be used.  

Give us a ring if you have any questions on having toughened or laminated glass installed.  We are happy to clarify and give advise the best way forward based on your requirements. 

Laminated Glass

Remember in TV shows and films where a car passenger has collided with a car windscreen and left a tell-tale ‘football’ impression in it? That's laminated glass. Although it breaks, it stays together as it’s bonded to a clear membrane, like a sandwich. Although you still end up with damage, the ‘spiders web’ pattern means that your glass should stay in its frame, and intruders stay outside!


Laminated glass is standard glazing in shops and other business premises, but it is quite acceptable in door panels and other glazing applications in residential properties too.

If you occupy older commercial property and you are unsure if the glass you have is the original plate glass or modern day laminated safety glass, we offer a ‘Regulation 14 survey’.


This will tell you which type of glass you have fitted. But don’t worry though. Even if we find some of the older glass (as there’s still a lot of it around) you don’t have to have it replaced immediately!

By simply having a clear plastic safety film applied, your non-standard plate glass can be brought up to reasonable safety level and satisfy your obligations under current Health & Safety legislation.

When and if it does get broken, the replacement glass will be the proper laminated safety glass.


Email us for more details, and to book your Regulation 14 survey. We currently charge £75. If we then undertake any filming or glass replacement work, we'll deduct your survey fee from the invoice.

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Glass and Glazing Services: Services

New for 2022

Pilkington have launched its AviSafe™ glass, which features a special coating designed to be visible to birds, and to save our feathered friends from collisions.


Birds collide with glass because of reflections of the sky and vegetation on the glass.


Pilkington AviSafe™ uses a uniquely patterned UV enhanced coating which disrupts those reflections on the glass, meaning birds see it as a barrier.

AviSafe™ is available now. Call and ask for details.

Decorative Textured Glass Patterns

The Entire Pilkington Range


Should you find the pattern you have at the moment is not here, it means it has been discontinued by Pilkington.

textured artic.jpg


textured autumn.jpg


textured cassini.jpg


textured chantilly.jpg


textured charcoal.jpg

Charcoal Sticks

textured contora.jpg


textured cotswold.jpg


textured glass


textured everglade.jpg


textured flemish.jpg


textured florielle.jpg


textured mayflower.jpg


textured minster.jpg


textured oak.jpg




textured pelorine.jpg


textured reeded.jpg


textured styppolyte.jpg


textured sycamore.jpg


textured taffeta.jpg


textured tribal.jpg


textured warwick.jpg


Glass and Glazing Services: Brands

Leaded Designs for Patterned Glass

At Acorn Glass and Glazing we can provide you with additional decorative features on your glazing in the form of leaded art work.


This can be applied to your replacement double glazing and on new glass doors or windows. The most cost effective way to do this is by using Contemporary Leading.


Rather than individual pieces of glass held together in a frame, as in the old days, the lead decoration is stuck onto a single piece of glass. There are many patterns to choose from as you can see  in the image opposite.


You could even add colours if you wanted. For example in the corners, or possibly something more adventurous like a flower.

The choice is yours.

Reliable and Efficient

Free Phone Consultation

Best Quality

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Leaded Design_edited.jpg
Glass and Glazing Services: Features
Wood Burning Stove Glass.jpg

Image used with the kind permission of Simply Stoves Limited

Do you have a wood burning stove or other similar burner?

At Acorn Glass and Glazing, we are now able to supply made to measure replacement glass for stoves and wood burner doors. We also supply new rope lengths and heat resistant adhesives in and around Lincolnshire.


No matter the door design, we can supply almost any size and shape. All we need is a card or paper template of your desired shape. Once we have received your template, we can provide you with a very competitive quote, and all with free delivery if required. 

Please note.

Unfortunately, we are unable to supply any glass requiring holes as per the manufacturing process we follow. Also, submitted templates cannot be returned. 

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For reliable glass and glazing services in Lincolnshire and surrounding areas call Acorn Glass and Glazing today on 
01522 740 840
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